Top 3 Organic Yogurt Brands for Your Family

By Shannon C , last updated November 15, 2011

Finding the top three organic yogurt brands for your family is a smart nutrition choice that can pay off in better digestion, better immune system function, and a more active, healthy lifestyle for every member of your household. Organic yogurt provides all of the benefits of regular yogurt, but brings one better by using all natural, pesticide and chemical free ingredients to create a yummy and healthy yogurt product for you and your family to eat. Learn about the top three organic yogurt brands for your family and try the one that appeals the most to you, or try all three and see which one you enjoy the most.

Stonyfield Farm

Stonyfield Farm carries several different brands of organic yogurt products, including Stonyfield Farm organic yogurt, Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt, and YoBaby and YoKids organic yogurt. At Stonyfield Farm, they take the commitment to provide pure organic yogurt and dairy products very seriously, and their website offers more information about what it means and what it takes to claim that the yogurt they produce is purely organic. The corporate culture of Stonyfield Farm issues a firm "no" to genetic engineering practices that have become so widespread and accepted in the dairy and yogurt industry, and produces yogurt for their customers that they would want to eat from their own refrigerators.

Horizon Dairy

Horizon is an organic-only products company, and their Horizon Organic yogurt is a great source of DHA and omega-3 for kids and adults alike. They produce several different varieties of their signature organic yogurt, including cream-on-top whole milk organic yogurt, fat free organic yogurt. Yogurt flavors include plain and vanilla. Horizon Dairy is also sensitive to how it can be difficult to introduce organic yogurt to kids, and to this end they recently came out with Tuberz yogurt tubes in fun flavors, like Surfin' Strawberry, Blueberry Wave, Strawberry Lemonade Squeeze, and Sour Apple Spray to appeal to kids' palates. You can access the Horizon Dairy website to view nutrition information and download valuable coupons for significant savings on all Horizon Dairy organic yogurt and milk products.

Brown Cow Farm

Brown Cow Farm produces organic yogurt using the milk of California cows that are treated with care and gentleness according to the standards of the American Humane Association's "American Humane Certified" seal of approval. No artificial growth hormones are ever added to the cows' diet or induced in any way, and all of the milk comes from California cows. There are four types of active yogurt cultures in Brown Cow Farm yogurts, and they are also gluten free and kosher certified. Brown Cow Farm produces several different types of organic yogurt, including greek organic yogurt, cream top organic yogurt, low fat organic yogurt, and nonfat organic yogurt. Flavors range from chocolate and strawberry to vanilla and plain. They also include interesting newer flavors, like maple and coffee, and fun fruit combinations, like apricot mango and cherry vanilla. You can download valuable coupons on organic yogurt from the Brown Cow Farm website and find out more about each of their organic yogurt products.

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