Top 3 Places to Get a Great Real Estate Education

By Jonathan Bales , last updated January 9, 2012

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, you must obtain a real estate education and pass a state real estate exam. Before even attempting that exam, you are legally required to complete a specific number of hours of a real estate class. The form in which you take your real estate education can vary, with a multitude of great classes being offered in physical locations and online. When searching for real estate classes, you should look at their success rates in terms of passed exams. You should also take your personal schedule into account, as the timing and location of your real estate classes should be based around your availability. If you have little time and cannot show up for classes at a physical location, you will need to complete your real estate education online. To help you along in your process of finding the best real estate course for you, read below for some information on a few of the top real estate classes available today.

Real Estate Express is the original online real estate school. Offering courses in a variety of fields in the real estate industry, is most known for its superb Real Estate Exam Prep Master course. Labeled as one of the most effective test prep courses by experts, the program was created by real estate professionals from around the country. The course teaches you not just what you need to know for your real estate exam, but how to go about studying and obtaining that information. In a way, they teach you how to learn as opposed to what to learn.

The Real Estate Exam Prep Master slowly ramps up the level of difficulty of your practice exams as you gain knowledge. The system actually conforms to how you are performing on practice exams, giving you more information and study time in areas which you have previously struggled. In this way, the course can be superior to physical real estate classes which are not based on your individual needs.

New York Real Estate Education Center

Offering real estate courses at all times of the day, the New York Real Estate Education Center is an example of the type of real estate education you can secure at a physical location. Approved by the New York Department of State, the New York Real Estate Education Center is taught by real estate professionals with years of experience. You can choose to take a course that lasts either three months or just two weeks, depending on your schedule. For someone with time available for plenty of study, the two-week program offers the ability to gain real estate knowledge in a very short period of time. Plus, the New York Real Estate Education Center and places similar to it offer the ability to gain in-depth real estate knowledge which is state-specific.

Realty U

As a sort of hybrid of the previous two courses, Realty U offers real estate classes both online and in classrooms. Their online real estate exam course is perfect for the future real estate agent who wants to work at his or own her pace, while their classroom classes offer a more hands-on approach. If you prefer the classroom course, check for locations in your state at which you can take the class.

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