Top 3 Progressive Boarding Schools

By Holly Schoch , last updated February 12, 2012

Before you can begin considering progressive boarding schools, it is important that you understand what exactly makes a boarding school progressive. Progressive boarding schools set out to teach the child to care more about the community and less about his or her individual self. Rather than asking, "What can I do to make myself better?”, progressive education will help a child to ask, "what is best for my community, and are my actions helping to benefit it?"

Buxton School in Williamstown, Massachusetts has been around for 80 years and was originally established as a progressive school. It is an intentionally small boarding school, which allows the necessary attention to be given to each student. The school believes that what goes on outside the classroom is just as important as what goes on inside; therefore, they place a strong emphasis on community outreach.

Oak Grove in California has also gotten a lot of attention for their progressive boarding school. They have every age you can imagine, from preschoolers up to 12th graders. Not only does Oak Grove have an excellent academics program, but they also believe that a student's education isn't limited to the classroom; this boarding school focuses on providing students with the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century.

For those looking to provide their child with an international opportunity, A.S. Neill's Summerhill School is an extremely well-known progressive school, having been around since the 1920's. At this institute, children partake in democratic, or 'free', learning, where they learn to be self-confident, tolerant, and considerate. Summerhill has influenced progressive schooling in a profound way and is one of the most famous progressive schools in the country. Summerhill doesn’t expect any children to conform to the ideas of growing up, though they do require proper conduct when it comes to certain behaviors, such as bullying and vandalism.

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