Top 3 Time-Saving Beauty Products

By Trevor Onions , last updated January 23, 2012

Changing up your look is a process that shouldn't eat up your time, and paying close attention to the top time saving beauty products is key. Essentially, anything that can help you apply your makeup better or wipe it away for further experimentation is worth investing. Here's a look at three high quality inventions that will prevent you from getting fatigued in the fashion game with undue maintenance.

Sunless Tanning Lotions

Many folks spend several hundred dollars per year chasing the exquisitely bronzed look that comes from tanning for long periods in the sun. Not only does it raise your risk of cancer and drain your wallet, but it also consumes your time. Fortunately, there are better ways to emulate a nicely tanned look with none of the risk or excessive expense.

Products like Gradual Tan are a quick and ready solution that will leave your skin looking great shortly upon application. This lotion goes one step further than many by moisturizing skin cells with mostly natural elements. It works by using sugar-based dihydroxyacetone to dye the surface of the skin a brownish color that closely mimics the look you would get from spending time in a tanning bed.

If you want that summer shimmer without putting your time and health on the line, definitely try a sunless tanning lotion. These products are at their best for emulating natural tans during the warmer months, but keep in mind that they don't offer the heightened resistance to sunburn that a real tan does.

Shhh Soap

Everyone uses soap, and luxurious, gourmet products have virtually flooded the market in recent years. Still, Soap made by Shhh brand stands out for its ability to save you time thanks to its full body application. You can get an easy idea of what Shhh stands for by deciphering its acronym: shampoo, shower, and shave.

Unlike other soaps, Shhh lives up to its lofty claims, letting you wash down your entire body without requiring two or more different products. With Shhh soaps, you simply lather up from head to toe, and you can clean your entire body. It makes an appropriate shaving cream substitute as well. Better yet, Shhh soap is capitalizing on the organic craze by making its soaps fully natural.

Moisturizing Wipes

Whether you're looking to alter your existing look or take off the makeup in a flash after a night on the town, having dependable moisturizing wipes at your disposal is important. Rather than turning to high-end wipes with fancy names, you can find wipes with a great track record in an aisle you might not expect. Curiously, baby wipes by brands such as Pampers may be your best bet for removing makeup in a fast and effective way.

Don't laugh, these really do work. Their unique combination of gentle, but efficient cleansing liquids remove even the toughest makeup particles. The moisturizing qualities of top tier baby wipes can help rehabilitate skin cells that have dried out due to excess makeup too.

Time is precious, and in the fashion world, being able to switch up your look over a matter of seasons or mere hours is incredibly useful. Arm yourself with these three products, and you'll start easing into change without a problem.

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