The Top 5 Baseball Academies

By Barry Solomon , last updated January 27, 2012

If you are serious about pursuing an amateur or professional baseball career, you would do well to attend one of the top five baseball academies to hone your skills and learn the nuances of the game. Most of them give you professional training from instructors who have played and coached at the major league or college level. Some offer high school level courses so that you can continue your education while you work on perfecting your baseball skills. The better ones are often attended by scouts from major league teams and from colleges looking to award athletic scholarships.

IMG Baseball Academy
The most elite baseball program in the country is the IMG Baseball Academy. Regardless of where you are in your development, IMG treats you like a professional player from the very first day you attend. They offer a variety of short programs, featuring position specific drills. IMG also uses video recording so you can receive a complete analysis of your skills and development from their top level coaching staff. All programs offer intense fitness workouts, and you can also add English as a second language courses. All programs give you a plan for future improvement and offer performance programs.
These short programs qualify you to take a longer course, such as the IMG High School Wood Bat League. Here you will be placed on a team and compete for a summer championship against the other teams in the league. This simulates real college and professional level working conditions. College scouts are invited to attend. They also have a shorter four-week wood bat summer league for those who don't have the time to commit to the full program. There is a three-week program for middle school children, and a five-week camp during which campers get morning training while they are complete high school level courses in the afternoon. A similar program for high school juniors and seniors offers afternoon prep classes for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The IMG Baseball Academy in Bradenton, Florida offers training for college and professional level baseball players at the highest possible level.
Quakes Baseball Academy
Quakes Baseball Academy of Orange County, California has produced many college-level baseball stars, as well as a significant number of current major league players. The school offers baseball-specific training from accomplished instructors, primarily to high school students who are serious about going further as student athletes or as professionals. During the summer, they train along side college student athletes who come in to perfect their skills. And in the major league offseason from November to February, at least fifteen professional ball players come for conditioning and training and work with the high school athletes who are at the school at that time.
New York Baseball Academy
The New York Baseball Academy in Old Westbury, a suburb of New York City, is rated one of the top five programs by Baseball America. The academy groups entering players by age and then, after working with them, regroups them by skill level so that they can train at their own rate. The teaching staff is composed entirely of college and professional coaches. Fitness workouts are central to the program, which also teaches all of the fundamentals, including hitting, throwing, fielding, and base running. Instructional games are played every day.
3-6-5 Baseball Academy
The 3-6-5 Baseball Academy in Nashville is an indoor facility that brings college and professional level teaching talent to help you develop the skills to be a college or major league pitcher or hitter. They offer flexible training packages, from single lessons up to three-month programs.
Top Ten Baseball Academy
The Top Ten Baseball Academy of Boynton Beach, Florida develops student athletes starting with primary school ages and working through college. The school has a college placement program to help its best athletes attain college scholarships for baseball.
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