Top 5 Best Reviewed Hunting Rangefinders

By J.W. Carpenter , last updated December 29, 2011

A survey of the leading hunting magazines and hunting equipment retailers identifies five standout rangefinders for bow hunting, rifle hunting, and target practice. The rangefinders in this group vary in price from just over $100 to more than $300. This doesn’t include special offers, rebates, or sales. No matter what your hunting needs are, you’re likely to find a perfect solution among the rangefinders in this list.

Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder
The most inexpensive unit in this list, the Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder features fast, accurate distance measurements between 10 and 600 yards. It offers sharp optics with four-time magnification so you can easily home in on your target. Once you have your target in view, the Hunting Laser Rangefinder’s convenient push-button operation allows you to effortlessly calculate the distance to the target, which is immediately displayed on an internal LCD display. This unit has a compact, weather-resistant design and ships with a carrying case. It requires a single 9-volt battery for operation.
Redfield Raider 550 Rangefinder
In the middle price range along with the following two units, the Redfield Raider 550 Rangefinder is perhaps the best reviewed unit in this list. This unit offers superb multicoated optics with six-time magnification for bright, clean imaging. It is designed for distances up to 550 yards, and uses a high precision laser for accuracy within a single yard. The Raider 550 Rangefinder features simple one button operation. Press the button once for a single reading or hold the button down for continuous ranging of a moving target. This rangefinder is exceptionally compact at less than four inches long and just five ounces in weight, especially convenient for backcountry hunters with a lot of ground to cover. The unit requires a standard CR-2 lithium camera battery for operation.
Leupold RX-600 Digital Rangefinder
The Leupold RX-600 Digital Rangefinder offers accurate measurements to 600 yards. With super sharp, multicoated optics providing a wide field of view and six-time magnification, it’s a snap to home in on your target no matter what the terrain. This unit also offers simple one-button operation, which can be held down to monitor the changing distance of a moving target. The RX-600 is quite compact at just over four inches long and just under seven ounces in weight. It operates on a CR-2 battery.
Nikon Pro Staff 550 Laser Rangefinder
The Nikon Pro Staff 550 Laser Rangefinder is another great option in the middle price range. Like the Redfield and Leupold units, this rangefinder offers excellent multicoated optics, simple one button operation with continuous measurement capability, and a compact design measuring to about five inches in length and just over six ounces in weight. This unit is accurate to 550 yards. It requires a CR-2 battery for operation.
Bushnell Scout 1000 A.R.C. Laser Rangefinder
The Bushnell Scout 1000 A.R.C. Laser Rangefinder is the most expensive option in this list, retailing for just more than $300. It is capable of accurate measurements up to 1000 yards on reflective targets. In addition to the superb optics and easy operation found in the other models, the Scout 1000 also offers two Angle Range Compensation (ARC) functions to help bow hunters and rifle hunters, respectively, take accurate shots given the terrain and distance to the target. This unit operates on a 3-volt lithium battery.
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