Top 5 Career Coaches in Los Angeles

By Shannon C , last updated December 18, 2011

Learning more about the top five career coaches in Los Angeles is a necessary first step if you are in the market to hire a career coach to help you further your career goals. Whether you are angling for a promotion, gathering information to begin the switch from one career to another, grooming yourself for an upcoming interview, or simply frustrated in your career and not sure why what you are doing isn't working, then a skilled and reputable career coach can be just what the job doctor ordered. Learn more about each of these professionals who are amongst the top five career coaches in Los Angeles and decide which career coaching service is the best fit for your personal career needs, goals, and budget.

Meredith Haberfield Coaching

Meredith Haberfield is a career coach who positions herself as the expert who can help you "get clarity, take action, and get what you desire." Whether you need career coaching at the executive or middle management level or you are seeking a life coach to help you clarify your career goals before launching a new job search, Meredith Haberfield Coaching has more than a decade of career coaching expertise working with Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States and overseas. You can learn more at Meredith Haberfield Coaching online.

IFC Coaching

IFC stands for the "Institute for Coaching" and IFC serves Los Angeles clients in the areas of career coaching, business coaching, and life coaching. With five different experienced life coaches to choose from, you will have a great chance of selecting a coach that is the perfect fit for your career coaching needs. Whether your career coaching needs are in the arena of entrepreneurship, corporate, small business, or career changes, IFC Coaching can help.

Daisy Swan & Associates Career Coaching

Daisy Swan & Associates specializes in executive career coaching, organizational leadership, team development, and other career coaching issues to help you take your career to the next level. Whether your needs are to identify your strengths, maximize your job prospects, or make a career transition, Daisy Swan & Associates coaching has a wide array of services to meet you where you are in your career.

Allison Maslan, Life & Career Coach

Allison Maslan believes that life and career coaching intersect that can bring proven results for your business, your life, and your career. Recognized as one of the "top women entrepreneurs who inspire" by Self Made Magazine, Allison Maslan focuses on implementing her Blast Off! system for your needs, whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive, or just starting out in your career.

Marie Moran & Company

Marie Moran & Company is located in Laguna Beach, right outside of Los Angeles, California. Marie Moran & Company focuses on executive and business career coaching to help develop communication skills, executive and leadership skills, interpersonal skills, presentation and interview skills, career alignment counseling, and more to help you hone in on your next steps in your career and develop the right package to get you where you want to go. Learn more at Marie Moran & Company online.

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