Top 5 Most Expensive American Universities

By Christeen Savinovich , last updated November 12, 2011

Going to college in the United States can be an expensive affair. Ideally during these four years individuals will work hard, have fun, grow up and leave with the knowledge needed to take the world on. If you are a parent or a student financing your own education one factor that is sure to top the list in terms of importance is the price tag associated with the University that is ultimately chosen. The price of a college incorporates many numbers including tuition, room & board, transportation, books and extracurricular activities. It is important to be realistic about the money that will be spent in addition to the tuition as the price of tuition is the one that will be most easily found on school websites but is not the actual price you should expect to pay. Here are the Top 5 Expensive Universities in the U.S.

#1: Sarah Lawrence College: Yonkers, NY

Sarah Lawrence has held firm in its place as the most expensive college in the United States. With tuition, room & board, books and transportation students can expect to pay around $58,334 a year for their education here. Part of what contributes to this astronomical price tag is the how close it is to Manhattan as well as the tiny classes offered here which allow for students to get to know their teachers and vice versa.

#2: Columbia University: New York, NY

Columbia University is in the heart of Manhattan so those who are considering this school should prepare to take a deep breath when calculating the costs of attendance at this Ivy. Ready? A full year of combined costs should add up to about $56,681. It is quite a hefty number but includes occasional meals and events in the city as well as transportation. Aside from this there are numerous free options both on campus and provided by different organizations around Manhattan that a thrifty student will absolutely love.

#3: Wesleyan University: Middletown, CT

Like many of the others on this list, Wesleyan offers small classes at about a 9:1 ratio taught mainly by professors rather than teaching assistants. Here students should expect to pay around $56,341 for tution, room & board, books and miscellaneous expenses. It doesn’t offer the same kind of city life like those near Manhattan do but this results in amazing on campus events and wonderful town and gown relations.

#4: Johns Hopkins University: Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins has an outstanding reputation both for undergrad and graduate education. In addition their Medical school is phenomenal and they seem to breed Nobel Prize winners. Their fee of $53,690 does not include books, travel or miscellaneous expenses so it is very likely that this school could slide between fourth and fifth.

#5: Georgetown University: Washington D.C.

As with the schools in close proximity to Manhattan Georgetown’s cost is heightened because it is in the heart of D.C. This means that fine dining, cultural experiences, fabulous shopping and travel are within reach of all students but should be done so sparingly. Students should expect to pay around $53,591 not including books, transportation or miscellaneous costs.

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