Top 5 Personal Finance Apps

By Shannon C , last updated February 12, 2012

Finding the top five personal finance apps (short for "applications") can be a helpful tool for managing your personal finances, budget, and money on the go. In today's mobile society, there is no reason that you shouldn't have secure access to your personal banking and financial management tools no matter where you are. If you travel frequently, it can be especially important for you to be able to monitor your bank balances, pay your bills, and manage your finances while you are away. Below, learn about the top five personal finance apps that you can download and choose the apps that work best for your financial needs and technology.


The popular online financial management, budgeting, and account maintenance program is now available in a mobile app which works with any smartphone. You can set up Mint online and then download the Mint app to your smart phone and see all of your accounts in one place. The Mint app gives you the ability to sync up all of your different accounts, view your balances, view your transactions, and make necessary adjustments from anywhere in the world. Best of all, the Mint app is absolutely free.


XPenser is another free app for any smart phone. Even better, you can also use XPenser from text or SMS, voice mail, email, or even social media like Twitter to send yourself reminders, track and monitor your transactions and expenses, view your balances, and even export your financial data and budget to a reader app. XPenser is easy to set up and use and even offers a work time-tracking and expense feature on the new version.

Personal Assistant

Created by Pageonce, Personal Assistant comes in two versions, free and premium. The free version has advertisements and slightly less functionality, but is still great. Personal Assistant does everything that Mint does but also allows the user to set up new accounts and enroll in financial programs right from your mobile device. You can also get updates about your accounts and transactions wherever you are.

Ace Budget

Ace Budget is a program that is similar to Mint and allows you to set up and track your budget, your expenses, and your income. There is some syncing setup that needs to be done with a back-up computer if you want to back up your data from your smart phone. You will also need to set up your budget with Ace Budget before the tracking feature can be used.


If you are someone who has trouble keeping track of your monthly spending and your budget while you are out and about, you will love Pennies. This app costs just pennies itself at $2.99, and is compatible with Apple-based mobile devices. Pennies allows you to input your monthly budget in U.S. dollars, Euros or Japanese Yen, and then keeps a record of each purchase you make at the time you make it. Pennies will then compute the data concerning where you spend and how much you spend, which allows you to better track your budget.

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