Top 5 Pink Tuxedos for Men

By Jonathan Bales , last updated December 20, 2011

Shopping for tuxedos is a fun task, but is can become a bit frustrating if you need a pink tuxedo. Pink tuxedos are obviously rare, as the color is not worn often to formal events. Finding a tuxedo that has pink elements is much easier than uncovering one that is all pink. If you are willing to wear other colors in your tuxedo and sprinkle in a pink vest, for example, your potential selection will increase dramatically. Nonetheless, there are a few quality pink tuxedos available for purchase. You may need to be willing to make a few sacrifices when wearing a pink tuxedo, and the best one for you will be the one which most appropriately combines your style, needs, and budget. Read below for information on the top five pink tuxedos for men.

Fine Tuxedos Pink Tuxedo, Vest, Shirt and Bow Tie

This full tuxedo set from Fine Tuxedos is one of the few versions on the market, which has all pink elements. From the vest to the shirt to the pants, this tuxedo is entirely pink. Retailing for $250, the tuxedo is great for proms and other formal events. As eye-catching as any tuxedo on the market, the Fine Tuxedos Pink Tuxedo, Vest, Shirt and Bow Tie is the ultimate fun piece of formalwear. Note that the set does not come with shoes, so you will need to find pink dress shoes or wear a black pair.

Newegg Men's Formal Pink Tuxedo

Designed specifically for Halloween and other fun events, this pink tuxedo from Newegg is one of a kind. Like the previous version from Fine Tuxedos, it is a full tuxedo set. Possessing a three-button closure and a dark pink vest that really jumps from the light pink jacket and shirt, the Newegg Men's Formal Pink Tuxedo is a sight to see. It retails for $220.

Halloween Costumes Men's Pink Tuxedo

Most men wear pink tuxedos as a joke or as a costume. If you fall into this category, consider the Halloween variety from The tuxedo's jacket has a two-button closure and inside pocket, while the ruffled shirt adds texture to the look. Available with a bow tie, vest, and pants as well, the Halloween Costumes Men's Pink Tuxedo comes with optional pink shoes, giving it a leg up on the competition. The entire set runs for $220.

Bonanza Men's Pink Tuxedo Suit

Yet another full pink tuxedo set, this style from Bonanza is the most affordable at $180. The four-piece suit is just as well-made as the others, though, possessing an unlined jacket with mock pockets, satin lapels, and trousers with a satin leg stripe. If your pink tuxedo is for a formal event as opposed to a party, this 100% polyester style is for you.

Liquiwork Men's Pink Sequin Edwarian Era Tuxedo

Running for $400, this pink tuxedo set from is simply the best one on the market. It has a retro style, made with an Edwarian Era design that infuses black into the mostly-pink jacket. The cotton tuxedo has a classic style in every way. If you need to dress to impress, this pink tuxedo is for you.

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