Top Guns for Hunting Beginners

By Shannon C , last updated December 28, 2011

Determining the top guns for hunting beginners will depend in part on what the state you will be hunting in allows for. Some states allow only shotgun hunting, while others will permit rifle hunting as well. The most commonly hunted game by far in the United States is the deer. So the top guns for hunting beginners will incorporate a gun that can be used to hunt deer as well as other game. Learn about the top guns for hunting beginners and choose the gun that is the right choice for your budget and game hunting preferences.

Savage Model 110 Rifle
The Savage Model 110 hunting rifle comes from the law enforcement series of Savage Arms and offers a power-packed punch with its bolt-action, high powered, featherweight design that is light and easy to use, maneuver, and maintain. The Savage Model 110 rifle was designed by one of the pioneers of gun design, Mr. Nicolas Brewer, and maintains his signature clean lines and symmetry in construction. Weighing in at just a little over six pounds, with a length of 43 inches and a 22 inch barrel and a rifle detachable magazine, this rifle can shoot 110, 150 and even 180 grade ammunition with ease and accuracy, and a minimum of recoil. You can get the Savage Model 110 rifle from Hinterland Outfitters' online store for $1,266 plus shipping.
Remington Model 700™ Mountain LSS
The Remington Model 700™ Mountain LSS rifle offers a lightweight and versatile design that can be used for a variety of large and smaller game with great precision and accuracy. This rifle is designed to go the distance with you, even if you have to climb a mountain peak in order to catch sight of your quarry. The 22 inch barrel is tapered towards the end and there are no sights, making this a mountain-grade rifle. The finish is laminated to be waterproof and resistant to the elements, and the magazine is of a hinged floor plate design to deliver the ammunition smoothly and precisely every time you shoo. You can get the Remington Model 700™ Mountain LSS from Remington's online store for $1,123 plus shipping.
Winchester Model 70 / 308 Winchester Featherweight Bolt Action Rifle
The Winchester Model 70 features a 308 Winchester caliber with a 22 inch barrel that comes encased in a featherweight bolt action rifle that is a perfect choice for the hunting beginner. Easy to use, load, clean, and shoot, the Winchester Model 70 / 308 Winchester rifle features a signature M.O.A. trigger system that eliminates creep and over travel. With a Decelerator pad to absorb recoil, the beginner will feel right at home learning and shooting the first target with this great rifle. With a three position safety and controlled round ammunition feeding system, this gun is also designed to combat common safety issues that can plague the beginning hunter. Learn more and purchase the Winchester Model 70 / 308 Winchester featherweight bolt action rifle from Able Ammo's online store for the reasonable price of $707.99 plus shipping.
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