Top Identity Theft Lawyers in Philadelphia

By Shannon C , last updated December 23, 2011

Finding the top identity theft lawyers in Philadelphia can stand you in good stead if you are a Philadelphia resident and you ever discover that you have been the victim of identity theft. Identity theft is on the rise as a white collar crime in the United States, and many individuals do not know what to do or how to fight back once their identity has been compromised. Left unaddressed, identity theft can destroy your credit worthiness, your finances, and even your reputation. Learn about the top identity theft lawyers in Philadelphia so that you will know who to call if you ever have a need to press charges after being victimized by identity theft.

Donald Haviland and Haviland Hughes, LLC

The law firm of Haviland Hughes, LLC, is well known in the Philadelphia area for their work on crimes of identity theft. Donald Haviland, a partner and attorney with Haviland Hughes, LLC, consistently receives high marks from clients on his work with identity theft. While only a small percentage of the firm's total cases, approximately five percent, come from the identity theft area, Haviland Hughes' total case load comprises all forms of white collar crime, including consumer protection, product liability, and privacy. Located in The Bourse at 111 South Independence Mall East in the heart of the city of Philadelphia, Haviland Hughes' Donald Haviland is a clear front runner for the top identity theft lawyers in Philadelphia.

Edward Kelleher and Archer & Greiner

Edward Kelleher is an attorney with the firm of Archer & Greiner. With a case load comprised of 10 percent identity theft cases and a consistently high client rating, Edward Kelleher is another clear front runner for the top identity theft lawyers in the city of Philadelphia. Archer & Greiner maintain offices in New Jersey, New York City, Delaware, and Philadelphia, and the firm specializes in litigation, debt collection, identity theft, and commercial law. As one of the five largest law firms in Delaware and New Jersey, Archer & Greiner has the clout and expertise to defend identity theft and fraud victims successfully.

Patrick Artur and Patrick Artur & Associates

Patrick Artur and the firm of Patrick Artur & Associates specializes in identity theft law, including cases where a criminal is applying for new lines of credit, benefits, or other services using your identity, hot check writing, internet theft and crime involving identity theft, and cases in which your identity has been stolen and you need to be able to prove that you are you. With more than 35 years of experience and expertise serving clients in the Philadelphia area, Patrick Artur serves as the lead attorney for every case his firm accepts, and has hundreds of legal wins in criminal and identity theft cases to his credit, making him a clear frontrunner for one of the top identity theft lawyers in Philadelphia. Patrick Artur & Associates also defends individuals who have been charged with identity theft, including mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, credit fraud, driver's license fraud, and both state and federal offenses.

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