Top Retailers of Wrestling Uniforms

By Jonathan Bales , last updated December 26, 2011

There are a number of retailers of wrestling uniforms, and some of them offer a plethora of designs for affordable prices. Whether you are searching for an individual uniform or need matching uniforms for an entire wrestling team, you can find what you want either in a store or online. From Dick's Sporting Goods to, the choices are seemingly endless. When searching for a wrestling uniform, you want to make sure you get one which matches your style or the colors of your team, as well as one which will allow for ultimate comfort and flexibility. To help you, read below for information on a few of the top retailers of wrestling uniforms.

From Matman to Clinch to Cliff Keen, has just about every brand of wrestling uniforms on the market. Their uniforms are sorted into neat categories, including best selling, top rated, new, team stock, reversible, and more. The top selling uniform on is the Clinch Gear Classic Stock Wrestling Singlet. Available in blue or green, the popular singlet is available for $45. If you buy uniforms from in bulk, you can get discounts, securing well-made singlets for as low as $30 each. Plus, you can shop for all of your other wrestling-related needs. Be careful when shopping on or other online stores, however, as you cannot try things on and you will need to pay for shipping.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Due to the popularity of the internet, buying sporting equipment in retail stores is not as popular as it once was. If you do want to head to a physical location to buy your wrestling uniform, though, try Dick's Sporting Goods. As the biggest sporting goods retailer in the nation, Dick's has a couple high-quality wrestling uniforms. The selection is not vast, as the only brand available is Brute. Outside of a specialty store, though, you are unlikely to find much else in physical locations. If you really want a uniform from an online store but also want to try it on, head to Dick's or another retailer to see how the singlets fit, then order it online.

If you like one of the Brute uniforms at Dick's, chances are they will have the color you need. The most popular singlet, the Brute Men's Lycra High Cut Wrestling Singlet, comes in seven colors and retails for $40. They also have a reversible version of the style for $50.

If you want a special wrestling uniform that is personal to you, look no further than There, you can change just about every feature of a uniform to make your own custom style. To get a sense of the customizability, there are 28 regular colors from which to choose, along with nine different patterns, including tiger print, lightning bolts, camouflage, and more. If you are in individual wrestling tournaments and you are free to wear the singlet of your choosing, is the place for you. The site has dozens of templates from which to work, giving you the freedom to alter the cut, size, colors, and patterns.

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