Types of Dining Room Chair Upholstery Fabric

By Jill Gardiner , last updated August 26, 2011

A dining room consists of a lot of hard surfaces: wooden furniture, crisp china, sparkling silver. For this reason, choosing the right dining room chair upholstery fabric from the many different types that are available becomes an important task. Dining room chair upholstery provides one of the few opportunities to add pattern, texture, and softness to the room, but your choice will also need to be practical as well attractive. When choosing from the different types of dining room chair upholstery fabric, take inspiration from both your decorating style and your lifestyle for the best result.


Dining rooms tend to be some of the most formal rooms in the house and many of us choose to stick to old standards when selecting upholstery fabric for the chairs. Tapestry, chenille, and damasks are timeless choices in traditional dining room upholstery fabrics. Solids are popular because of their simplicity, but adding stripes, florals, paisleys, and fleur de lis patterns can add some additional color and interest. Velvets in rich colors are another classic choice, as are sumptuous, textured silks such as dupioni. Some of these fabrics may be difficult to clean, so look for those that have been treated to resist stains.


Choosing a contemporary upholstery fabric for your dining room chairs will add a bold statement to the room. Look for graphic designs in bright colors to make your dining room chairs the focal point. Adding interesting texture is another way that upholstery fabric is used in contemporary décor. Consider using an unexpected material such as faux fur. Leather or vinyl upholstery fabric has a sleek, modern look and is also easy to clean.


If you use your dining room often and/or have small children or pets, you’ll want to give some thought to the durability of your dining room chair upholstery. Look for tightly woven fabrics that are also easy to clean, such as canvas, or for patterns that are intricate enough to camouflage the occasional drip of sauce or other stain.

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