Types of Lawn Grasses

By Nan Werther , last updated December 22, 2011

There are many types of grasses to choose from for a lawn, though not all will thrive depending on your region. Briefly, here is a beginning list of lawn grasses you can plant from seed.

Bahia Grass is popular in the Southeast region as it is low-maintenance and can handle tough conditions, such as salty soil and water. Bahia requires frequent mowing but has good, textured grass blades; it is also very tolerant of drought.

Bent Grass of the creeping variety is a perennial plant and favorite of golf courses; it is perfect for those homeowners who prefer the tightly-tufted look on a lawn. It grows best in Northern regions of the United States.

Bermuda Grass is a well-known variety, especially in areas partial to heat and drought. While damage from overheating or drought repairs quickly and is great for pet owners, others might be frustrated by its tendency to take over gardens. It does not do well in cool seasons and doesn't tolerate shade.

Blue Grama Grass is a native type best suited for the Northern plains. It is an excellent grass for this region as it's both hardy, tolerant, and grows best in summer. The one downside is that it produces an uneven lawn, but infrequent mowing will help it fill out.

Centipede Grass is popular for its ability to thrive in poor soil. Below temperatures of 5 degrees Fahrenheit, Centipede Grass quickly dies, so this variety is suitable for the Southeastern United States only; it is a warm season grass.

Kentucky Bluegrass is well known for its unique blue hue. It is one of the most popular grasses for lawns in the Northern part of the U.S., but it does well in Southern coastal regions too. It does not grow in Pacific Northwest or west of Cascade Mountains. It is hardy in cold weather with a fine texture.

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