Types of Specialty Cabinets

By Roger Fleming , last updated December 21, 2011

A wide variety of specialty cabinets and fixtures can be purchased to help you make the most of kitchen storage. You can also customize storage in the design stage to fit your kitchen needs.

Cabinet Styles

A tall skinny cabinet makes a great place to store cookie sheets, wire racks, and broiler pans on end without damaging them by stacking other items on top of them. A false panel tip out tray can be placed in front of the sink and serves as great storage for scrub brushes and scrubbing pads. Slide out bread board panels can be placed just below the counter top to create temporary extra counter top space in small kitchens. Narrow side mount pull out organizers make it easier access items in the back of a cabinet. Pull out pantry kits are accordion-like organizers that facilitate access without rummaging.


Fixtures can make the cabinets easier to use. Lazy Susans built into in corner cabinets permit easy access to items in the back of the cabinet. Trash cans can be placed on sliding platforms for pull out access. Lids can be stored vertically in sliding holders. Wire racks make storage easy without piling items. Stair step shelves can be purchased to facilitate access to multiple rows of spices without knocking over the front rows. Adjustable or fixed racks which screw onto the inside of the doors create even more storage space. Specialized racks can be purchased for spices, wraps, and other common supplies.

Mounted Appliances

While you are at it, you can add a few space saving appliances which mount on the bottom of the cupboards instead of sitting on the counter. Add an under the cupboard mounted electric can opener, toaster oven, or microwave. While you are at it, add an under the cupboard DVD player or TV for your entertainment while your newly organized kitchen.

With specialty cabinets, fixtures, and appliances, your kitchen will be perfectly suited to your needs.

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