Unique Garden Statues

By Sunny Carr , last updated April 30, 2011

Adorning your garden with unique statues is a great way to showcase your design sensibility. Well decorated gardens make an enjoyable place to relax or take family photographs. When you entertain guests amid your unique statues, include accent lighting to make the figurines stand out.


There are many adornments available for gardens. However, the best options are based on your personal tastes or family history. Consider turning old weatherproof household items such as coat racks or floor art into garden statues instead of throwing them in the trash. The addition makes your garden both attractive and alluring as the items are sure to stand out amongst neighboring plants.


Though topiary designs are not new, the opportunities for creative topiary garden statues are only limited by the imagination. Topiaries are plant sculptures that can be created from both live and synthetic plants. Synthetic topiaries are commonly used when a garden lacks substantial foliage or in commercial landscapes where consistent maintenance to plants is not available. However, using live plants is the best option for your garden as they provide a place for outdoor wildlife to enjoy.


Instead of a family portrait this year, consider getting abstract statues made of your family. Real-life statues may venture into the realm of spooky, however, abstract designs to represent each member of the family is both endearing and unique. A professional sculptor or student artist can help you create your life-like figurines no matter your budget restrictions.


Miniature statues are a fun way to include a fantasy world in your backyard. During the holidays, full towns are built with tiny figurines representing the activity of the season. You can use the same concept to build a small city made of clay or stone statues. The city can represent a childhood memory or place you enjoy travelling. An alternative to a city is adding your favorite animals around the garden. Position the animals as if they were in their native habitat for the most attractive look.

Marble and Copper

If budget is not an option, copper and marble statues can create a high quality look in your garden. Instead of using traditional designs, add a whimsical touch with a tree made of marble of small flowers made from copper. The contrast between the live plants and the statue “plants” brings a light hearted touch to your landscape. Hiring a sculptor to create custom statues may take time, but the resulting garden adornments are often worth the wait.


Adding statues to your garden is a great idea if you add materials that can stand the boiling heat, drenching rain and freezing snow. Though a statue may look stylish in your garden, if it is not durable, it will not last more than a few seasons on your property. The best materials for your garden statues are clay and stone. Uplights are the most common lighting option for statues as it creates a dramatic impact. However, some landscapers include light posts in a garden to ensure the garden remains well lit at all times. Proper lighting is essential for both style and safety!

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