Unique Themes for Decorating Your Kitchen

By Hallie Hammack , last updated April 2, 2011

Finding a unique theme for decorating your kitchen can be a tough task. Not only do you have to consider your tastes now but you also have to consider the functionality of the space, as well as how your tastes may change in the future. Consider one of the following unique ideas as you set out to update the heart of your home.

Creative Oasis

As any good cook can tell you, creating the perfect meal is an art form. So why not have the rest of your kitchen reflect other creative pursuits? Pain your walls or a portion of your walls in chalkboard paint—don't worry, it comes in a variety of colors outside the traditional classroom black. Keep a bowl of chalk on hand so you can leave notes to other members of your family, doodle or try your hand at caricatures. Top off your table with butcher block paper and a well-stocked crayon collection. This theme is perfect for busy moms who need help keeping their kids entertained while in the kitchen.

Vintage Delights

Add a touch of history to your home by decorating your kitchen in a vintage theme. Install cabinets with a faded, distressed appearance—or faux finish your own—to set the stage. Look for furniture pieces with a sense of history, such as an old door that has been repurposed into a kitchen table. Finish of the look by hanging a collection of old, black and white photographs around your kitchen.

Color Splash

The key to doing color right in a kitchen is not going overboard. A red, yellow and blue themed room will be too much for the senses, so it's important to balance out pops of bright color with neutrals. For example, if you've been dying to paint your cabinets a citrusy green, then go for it, but keep the rest of your kitchen crisp and clean. By painting the walls bright white and going with a neutral bamboo floor, you'll ensure that your bright green cabinets will be the star of the show.

Italian Villa

If you can't afford to escape to a romantic Italian villa, then bring Italy to you. Rich colors—such as browns, burgundies and golds—will help set the mood. Avoid anything design features that look too new. For example, a shiny steel range hood would stick out for all the wrong reasons but a warm, copper hood wood fit right in to the decor. Use wine bottles and richly colored paintings of Italian landscapes to accessorize.

Country Chic

For a simple, farm fresh elegance decorate your home in country chic. Look for traditionally styled tables and chairs in lighter stained woods. White furniture also works well. Glass front cabinets or open shelving are a great way to display antique dishes and other accessories. The countertop should be made from a natural, neutral material, such as butcher block or stone. A farmhouse style sink is a great way to add character to a country kitchen. These sinks may be pricier but the investment is well worth the additional expense.

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