Unnecessary Costs You Should Cut Today

By Laura Richter , last updated May 28, 2011

Save money by figuring out unnecessary costs you should cut today. Spending less does not mean that you have to lead a dull life. Trimming discretionary expenses will leave you money to pay off your debts. With less financial stress, you can create a healthier, happier life for you and your family.

Make Your Lunch

Food is a necessary expense, but it does not have to be expensive. Many people discover that their food budget is easy to trim. Consider how often you visit restaurants or convenience stores during your workday. Grabbing a meal or snack on the go is easy and habit-forming. It is also expensive.

Bring your lunch from home. You can make an easy sandwich or salad the night before work. People who lack time can slip frozen entrées into their briefcases. Some office workers keep snacks, such as peanut butter or instant cereal, at their workstations. When they get hungry, these snacks can tie them over until they leave work.


If you love films, then you know the expense of going to the cinema. Movie tickets have risen over the years. If skipping the cinema seems like a hardship, go to matinees. Ticket prices are cheaper when you see movies during the afternoon. The theater may be less crowded than during the evening shows.

Many arts and entertainment organizations offer free or discounted tickets on select days of the month. Your favorite museum or venue may have these tickets. Ask at the box office. Your local newspaper may list free events on a weekly basis in the arts section.

Bookworms know that their local library has a treasure trove of books, CDs, and DVDs available on loan. You may be surprised at how many popular releases your library has in its shelves. If they do not have your favorite book or movie, you might be able to request it from another branch of your city’s library system. It is an easy way to cut out unnecessary spending.

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