Update Your Dining Room Today

By Mark Cook , last updated January 6, 2012

Many people choose to update their dining room from time to time, so that the area doesn’t grow stagnant and boring. The dining room is the general gathering area of any home and is the place where friends and family get together over delicious meals and drinks. Updating a dining room doesn’t have to be a major renovation as it is something that could be done on a small scale and quite often.

New Chairs

Over time chairs will naturally wear out. Whether from just years of sitting or from constant movement and banging around, chairs will get nicks and scratches and can look a little weathered. A new set of dining room chairs can go a long way to updating the room. Chairs are what everyone’s eyes are attracted to as they are the main focal point around the table. Though new chairs can be somewhat pricey, you can find cheaper sets at warehouse sales and closeout stores.

Go Seasonal

If you want an easy way to update your dining area, switch up your décor to follow the seasons. In spring and summer you can add pastel colored, flowery tablecloths to showcase the welcoming of warm weather. Also a nice fruit bowl or flower arrangement in the middle of the table can open up the room and add life to the setting. In autumn you can switch to some darker colored drapes and placemats to give your room more of a cozy and comfortable feel.

Don’t Forget About the Walls

An inexpensive and personalized way to give your dining room some character is through pictures. You can add a nicely framed picture to your wall to individualize the room and give it a personal touch. Also, a series of smaller frames with various pictures of friends and family could be nice as well. Frames work great because you can switch out pictures as you wish and the cost is not too expensive.

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