Using Open Hire to Find an Employee

By Ren Orin , last updated February 12, 2012

More and more employers today are using OpenHire to find new employees. Created by Silk Road Technology, OpenHire simplifies and centralizes recruiting, job posting, application and selection. It uses social media as a tool to connect job-hunters and job-providers, and streamlines the pre-interview process. Overall, it takes the many aspects of job/employee hunting and puts them in one program.

OpenHire makes it easy to post a listing to hundreds of sites within minutes, prescreen candidates with a few questions, transfer files such as resumes and CV's, keep records and track correspondence. And all of it is has been acclaimed by a number of online publications as user-friendly for both potential employees and employers.

In addition, OpenHire has a few features that make networking and reposting job openings simple. When a job-seeker applies for a position using OpenHire, he or she can see any potential connections within the company, found by connecting OpenHire to the user’s LinkedIn account. If the potential connection makes sense, then the job-seeker can shoot off an email. Well over half of new hires come with some sort of networking or internal referral; being aware of a potential boost is a great benefit.

OpenHire also offers another way to help a friend, even when you don’t work for the same company. If, while searching OpenHire, a job-hunter happens upon an interesting position that is better suited for a friend, they can repost the listing on Facebook or Twitter. Then, job-seeking comrades can get right to the classified in a single click.

All of this technology works to efficiently prescreen candidates and speed up the hiring process. So if you’re applying to Urban Outfitters, Hillel or a number of other organizations already using OpenHire software to hire employees, be prepared for quick connections and fast action.

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