What to Bring to a Christmas Party

By Stacy Zeiger , last updated December 15, 2011

When you are invited to a Christmas party, you may be wondering what you can bring. While the host of the party may insist that your presence at the party is enough, you have a few options when deciding what to bring to a Christmas party. You may choose to bring a gift for the host of the party or something for everyone to enjoy and help spread some extra holiday cheer.


Even if the host has a menu prepared, you may want to bring along something to share. This could be something as simple as a bottle of wine, liquor or sparkling cider to enjoy during the party, a large thermos of homemade hot chocolate or a jug of egg nog. If you regularly make Christmas cookies, bring along a tray of goodies or bake a special dessert for everyone to enjoy. Serve the desserts on a decorative holiday platter or Christmas-themed plate that the host may keep. A simple meat tray, fruit tray or selection of cheese and crackers may also be appreciated. Around the holidays you may be able to find gourmet gift sets that contain crackers, cheese spreads and sausages For a small party, you may want to bring a small food gift for everyone in attendance, such as coffee mugs filled with packets of hot chocolate or small boxes of gourmet chocolates.

Gifts for Your Host

Bring a gift to the party to thank your host for inviting you. Give the host a bottle of wine, a box of gourmet chocolates or small fruit basket. A small gift card for dinner at a nearby restaurant or a massage at a local spa will give the host a chance to relax after preparing for and cleaning up from the party. If you know what the décor of the host’s home is like, you could bring a special decoration for the home, such as a candle, throw pillow or figurine to match. Holiday-themed items also make good gifts for the host of a Christmas party. Bring a potted poinsettia or other Christmas-themed floral arrangement. A fresh wreath to hang on the front door will also be a welcome gift. Visit a local craft show and find a unique ornament to present the host, personalized with her name or the name of her family.

Gift Exchanges

If a gift exchange will be part of the party, you will want to bring a gift to be included in that. Ask the host for the specifics of the gift exchange. Suggest holding a gift exchange during the party if the host has not planned on one and make participation voluntary. If the party includes a white elephant gift exchange, you should bring an item from your home that you do not use regularly. Humorous items are often appreciated most in white elephant gift exchanges. Other gift exchanges may have a special theme, such as an ornament exchange, or a set limit on the amount of the gift included in the exchange.

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