What to Know About College Field Hockey Scholarships

By Sam Feeder , last updated December 22, 2011

There are a variety of things to know about college field hockey scholarships so that you don't make mistakes when trying to get this honor which will pay your way through college and also allow you to play field hockey at one of the highest levels. Scholarships are given out for all collegiate sports, though different numbers are allotted for different schools depending on what sport they want to award scholarships in. There are a lot of ins and outs to the scholarship process in collegiate sports, so the more you know about how it works, the better chance you will have at putting yourself in the right position to be given one. Check out some of the tips below.

Know Which Schools Have Field Hockey Programs

Certain colleges have more active field hockey programs then others. While most large universities will have field hockey, some are just recreational teams which aren't actually part of NCAA sponsored competition, meaning that they aren't necessarily part of the school's athletic program and won't award scholarships. So do some research and see which schools give out field hockey scholarships and what the better field hockey colleges are out there, so you can strive to get a scholarship at one of these schools.

Some of the top field hockey programs in the country are larger Division 1 schools like Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Syracuse and Connecticut. Smaller, yet respectable field hockey schools are Princeton, Old Dominion and American University. Any of these programs are ideal for field hockey scholarships.

Based on Statistics and GPA

Like many other college sports scholarships, field hockey scholarships are awarded to student athletes based on their performance both on and off the field. This means they need to be good to great field hockey players throughout high school and also need to have a high GPA in high school that will impress those at the college enough to award you one of the few scholarships they give out each year. As field hockey is not a sport that has a high paying professional league associated with it, like more popular sports, grades are incredibly important.

Types of Scholarships

While larger, more profitable and popular sports regularly award full scholarships for athletes so they or their families don't have to pay anything for them to go to school or play for the school, field hockey scholarships don't work this way. This is due to the fact that it's not nearly as popular a sport and the money isn't there to pay for a lot of field hockey players to go to school for free. So most field hockey scholarships are awarded to student athletes in quarter scholarships, where the school pays for about twenty-five percent of their tuition if they play field hockey for the whole time at the school. This means that one full year is paid for, which is still a lot of money.

Look Up Scholarships Independently

There are a number of independent scholarship funds that also give out money to student athlete field hockey players. These will be in smaller amounts but just about any amount helps when someone can't afford college. These scholarships are listed online and change in amount and requirements regularly. So apply for the big and small scholarships for field hockey so that you can have someone else pay for a lot of college, while you concentrate on your skills on the field.

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