What Salary You Can Expect as an Endodontist

By Shannon C , last updated January 25, 2012

As an endodontist, you will work in a highly specialized arena of dental medicine and can expect a very attractive salary. In this dental specialty you will possess special training and licensure to work on diseases of the tooth, nerve, gum, pulp, and other areas of the mouth. Endodontists typically start out as dentists and obtain their basic skills and then pursue additional training and licensure to work as an endodontist. Both the salary range and the degree of variety in your job as an endodontist can vary greatly depending on where and for whom you work. Learn more about what salary you can expect as an endodontist and other important information that can help you decide if this rewarding career path in dental medicine is the right choice for you.

What Salary You Can Expect as an Endodontist

As an endodontist just starting out, your salary will not be representative of the true earning potential in this highly specialized and highly lucrative branch of dental medicine. As a starting endodontist you can expect to earn at least the national median average salary in the mid-$60,000 range. However, as you gain experience you can quickly climb to earning over six figures, even venturing past the $400,000 mark before your career comes to a close. The intensely lucrative salary potential is one of the many reasons why so many dental students choose to obtain additional specialization to begin a career as an endodontist. You also have a great degree of latitude in choosing where and for whom you work. If you prefer to be your own boss, you can start your own private or group dental practice. You can also choose to work for a larger medical office or hospital facility. You can work for the military or in dental prosthetics development and installation. Or you can stay in family dentistry, if you prefer. The options are multi-faceted when you choose a career as an endodontist and the salary potential makes all the years of education, training, and certification worthwhile.

Job Description of an Endodontist

As an endodontist, you will be qualified to help your patients with issues that relate to any area of the inner tooth, nerve, gum, or mouth. You may perform root canals, tooth, root, and nerve removals, reconstructions, prosthetics design and installation, and other detailed and complicated procedures. As an endodontist you may also choose to enter the research end of the field where you are helping to design and develop new technology, procedures, and prosthetic devices to assist patients with full dental and mouth function. You can expect to undergo extensive education and training prior to the start of your career, beginning with a four-year undergraduate degree in a related field such as biology or physiology, and then an additional four to six years of medical school to obtain your medical degree and complete a residency training period in endodontics. Once you complete your education you must pass the certification exams for your state of residence and the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) before you are able to begin practicing as an endodontist.

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