What to Wear to a College Graduation Party in Your 20s

By Elizabeth Hannigan , last updated May 24, 2011

Your college graduation party is a big deal when you are in your 20s and you will want to wear something special. While college is fun, it is also long and arduous. Did you know that only about 60 % of people who begin four year college programs are able to graduate within five years? Graduating college is a major accomplishment and a big step on your road to adulthood. Your friends and family members are all proud of you and you can expect them to take tons of pictures. Make sure that you are looking your best.

Before you buy anything to wear to your college graduation party, find out whether your school has any kind of dress code for the graduation ceremony. Most schools will require you to wear a cap and gown. Some also have strict requirements for what you wear beneath the cap and gown. For example, some religious schools require women to wear white dresses and plenty of schools do not allow jeans at the graduation ceremony. You certainly do not want to make any mistakes at the last minute that would prevent you from walking.

Once you have determined whether you must follow any dress code, you should think about how you are spending the day. Sure, you are celebrating. You are also attending a graduation ceremony though. This could mean that you are on your feet in very hot weather, possibly on a grass lawn, for hours on end. Choose something that will look great, but keep you cool and comfortable.

Since your graduation is probably a daytime event, go with a nice skirt and blouse, worn with a pair of wedges. You could also opt for a formal sundress or a conservative cocktail dress. For this type of event, you want to look mature and elegant rather than sexy.

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