When Do Lilacs Bloom?

By Renee Gerber , last updated February 1, 2012

Lilacs are very beautiful, highly fragrant tiny purple, or sometimes white, flowers that bloom in bunches on a small grouping of bush stems. Lilacs emit one of the most pleasant fragrances in the floral world, which is why it's a common scent for perfumes, soaps and other items.

Like most other types of plants, gorgeous lilac flowers are not seen all year round. In the majority of regions, lilacs bloom during the spring, but exactly when they do bloom is dependent on the weather. For instance, although the spring season starts on March 21st, it is quite common for cold weather to linger in the Northeast United States. It is also not unusual for snow to fall as late as early to mid-April in these regions. The blooming of lilac bushes would be hindered until more actual spring-like weather reared its head.

When lilacs do eventually bloom, they will remain so for approximately two to three weeks. Lilac bushes must remain healthy in order to bloom, but that is not unique for this particular plant, as all plants have to be in good condition to produce flowers. Regularly water your bushes throughout the summer, and even more regularly during dry seasons. Also, in order to ensure the best health for your lilacs, which is essential in promoting blooming, apply fertilizer to the base of the bush in the spring. Add horticultural lime to the soil in the fall to reduce the acidity.

Another important factor to ensure your lilacs regularly bloom is to remember to remove any dead flowers on the plant. Cut away the faded blooms just below their flower heads. This action will stimulate new blooms to grow on the bush.

Lilacs don't require regular annual pruning, but you should cut flowers from their main stems to encourage the growth of new buds. You can easily spruce up the bush if it grows too tall by cutting all main stems that have grown too long.

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