When to Plant Lilies

By Renee Gerber , last updated April 14, 2011

Most gardeners who plant flowers have at least one variety of lilies growing in their garden. These are exceptionally beautiful flowers that boast blooms in any number of colors, including white, pink, purple and red. If you are planning to plant lilies in your garden, you will have to know exactly when this should be done.

As a general rule, the best time to plant lilies are during early spring or fall. Like all plants, lilies require special care so that they can grow beautifully and thrive in your garden. When you are planting a lily bulb, you must ensure that the spot in question has good acidic soil that is well-drained. The only variety of lilies that should not have at least slightly acidic soil is the Madonna. If your soil is a bit too compact, you may be able to plant on a sloped area. This will assure your plant will receive adequate drainage of water. If this is not possible, you can build a raised flowerbed.

Lilies require a good amount of mulch or compost materials spread around their beds. The bulbs don't require an inordinate depth in which to be planted. Except for Madonna lilies, which need only one inch of depth, three to four inches should suffice if the bulb is standard size. For slightly smaller lily bulbs, you should plant them about four to six inches in the ground. Make sure to space the plants at least eight to 18 inches apart, and water them thoroughly. If moles or other critters normally plague your garden you will probably want to cover your lilies with wire cages as protection.

Lilies like full sunshine and light shade, so be sure that the spot where you plant them receives a good mix of both. During the summer, you should water your lilies only if there is a drought and less than one inch of rain per week.

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