When to Plant Monkey Grass

By Holly Schoch , last updated February 13, 2012

Monkey grass is a great way to cover up problem areas, or to have ground cover that requires very little maintenance and can withstand most conditions other types of grass cannot. For example, monkey grass is drought-tolerant and can grow in either shade or sun. It can grow in most soil conditions, its only requirement being that the soil drains well, though it does prefer slightly acidic soil.

Although monkey grass may appear to be superior to most grasses, at least in regards to its durability, it is just like other types of grasses when it comes to planting time. Theoretically, grasses can be planted at any time of the year. However, it is generally recommended that you don't go by this rule. Instead, you should plant monkey grass, or any grass for that matter, in the early spring or early fall.

If planting in the fall, you will not begin to see the grass grow until the following spring. However, planting in the fall is beneficial because it will allow monkey grass to establish a root system during the winter months. This means that, come springtime, your grass will be in the perfect condition to begin growing and to withstand summer's heat.

The variety you choose will depend on the region that you live and, depending on the variety, you will have to decide what is best, the spring or the fall. For beginners, you can rest assured that it is extremely difficult to kill monkey grass. As long as you plant in the suggested seasons of either spring or fall, no matter the variety, you should witness the successful growth of your plant.

However, a word of caution: Monkey grass can be extremely invasive and take over portions of your lawn and garden. When planting, you should take preventive measures to reduce the chances of a monkey grass takeover.

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