When to Plant Oak Leaf Holly

By Shannon C , last updated March 19, 2011

Oak leaf holly is a lovely, stately evergreen plant that is a complement to any garden, landscape, or home or office setting. An extremely hardy shrub, resistant to cold, pests, and diseases, and able to grow well even in situations of less than thorough care. Oak leaf holly is also one of the few holly varietals that is what is called a "hermaphrodite," which means the plant possess both male and female parts and can self-regenerate. New gardeners will enjoy nearly immediate success as their new oak leaf holly exhibits its characteristic speedy upward growth, forming a pyramid shaped shrub that is easily shaped and pruned and produces bright red berries seasonally that attract birds, butterflies, and other friendly garden visitors.

When to Plant Oak Leaf Holly

The best seasons to plant oak leaf holly are fall or spring. While oak leaf holly is resistant to both cold and hot extremes, it does require very regular, thorough watering during its growing seasons, and tends to fare better when planted in more temperate seasons.

How to Plant Oak Leaf Holly

Since oak leaf holly can grow in excess of 16 feet in height and 8 feet in diameter, be sure to plant root bulbs with sufficient space between plantings to allow for the desired growth width to take place without interference. Plant the root ball in a hole the same height as the root ball itself but two to three times as wide. Place the root ball, fill half the hole with a mixture of soil and compost, and water well. Allow the water to drain, and then pack in soil and compost around the remainder of the open hole. Again, water well and allow to drain. Regular watering throughout the summer and as needed in winter will ensure a profusion of oak leaf holly's signature red berries in the winter season.

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