When to Plant Tulip Bulbs

By Danny Wong , last updated May 17, 2011

Planting tulip bulbs is a delicate process, and knowing when to plant them to ensure they don't die during the wrong planting times is incredibly important so that they are able to grow, mature and blossom. Here is some information on when to plant tulip bulbs so that they have a good rest period before they get ready to blossom.

Before Winter

You should be planting your tulip bulbs many weeks before the first frost, which allows your tulip bulbs to properly rest and get ready for next year's growing season. It is important that you plant them with plenty of time before the first frost so that they are fully settled into the ground and are ready to handle the unforgiving winters. But what is also important about planting them before winter is the fact that they need colder seasons to lay dormant to prepare for the next year's bloom. You can't just plant your tulip bulbs in the spring and expect them to be ready to bloom right away. You also can't go planting the tulip bulbs when they suit you. For example, if you were to plant them during extremely cold or hot seasons, the delicate bulbs will very likely die since they wouldn't be ready to handle such extreme conditions.

Wait Until it's Cooler

Warmer climates can encourage fungus and diseases, so it is crucial that you don't plant your tulip bulbs too early, like late summer. When temperatures dip is an appropriate time to start planting tulip bulbs since the weather will only get cooler and you won't have a warm environment that can host all kinds of diseases that can destroy your tulip bulbs. Make sure you don't wait too long though, because the tulip bulbs need to settle into the ground properly before the harsh winter hits. As long as you know that the weather won't turn warm again, and the temperatures are slowly going down, then you can plant your tulip bulbs.

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