Where to Buy the Best Dress Shirts for Men

By Sam Feeder , last updated June 7, 2011

A man wearing in a great dress shirt can make all of the difference in a business setting or on a date, as this is often the most expressive part of a man's outfit. Sure, there are amazing jackets and attractive pants that blend well with the finely built pair of dress shoes or loafers, but that fine dress shirt that is perfectly cut for a man's body is what all the rest of the other style decisions are based around, and can make or break whether observers think a man has style or doesn't. So buying the best dress shirts possible is integral for many men who are trying to make a real impression in some situation or setting. Check out the list of where you should buy some of these best dress shirts below.


This famous, large department store is known for carrying some of the finest men's shirts and also having the widest selection out there. As Nordstrom stores are part of malls, there is also a ton of floor space and people who can help you find that perfect dress shirt, as well as tailors on staff who can custom trim down that fine shirt that could fit just a little better. Nordstrom also has reasonable prices compared to small, more high-end boutiques, as they are able to buy these shirts in bulk and make their money back more easily. However, this also means that they will often not carry the highest-end, handmade men's dress shirts, as these will be exclusive to a specific clientele at the smaller boutiques.

Small Designer Boutiques

Smaller designer boutiques that sell products made by one specific company are another place to get the best dress shirts for men, though they will be incredibly expensive. For example, Burberry, which is a company best known for a specific style of scarf and handbag marketed towards women, also makes some of the best dress shirts. While some of these shirts are sold at larger department stores, the exclusive Burberry boutiques will carry finely made men's shirts, which are not sold anywhere else. This is obviously the more expensive way to purchase a fine dress shirt, but some people want to be sure they are getting the very best directly from it's source and buying from the designer's boutique is a surefire way to do it.

Suit Stores

High-end stores who sell men's suits will often have a varied selection of fine dress shirts for men, ranging in color, material and brand name. This may be one of the best ways to purchase an excellent dress shirt, as you will be able to observe and ask the salesman which shirts work best with which color of suit, especially if you are planning on wearing this fine dress shirt with one of your own suits on a regular basis. These well-known suits stores, like Brooks Brothers, will also have nearly as eclectic a selection of dress shirts as any large department store, but also a number of very small, very elite designers who only release a limited number of dress shirts. In others words, it's a great way to get a shirt no one else has.

The Internet

You really can buy just about anything online these days and some of the finest men's dress shirts are no exception. So cut out the middleman and go directly to the source. Have a tailor measure you and send these measurements to some of the best dress shirt designers out there like Ascot Chang or Hamilton via their websites. You might even get it cheaper from the designer, even with the shipping and handling fee, as there won't be any mark-up from the local boutique or department store. However, there is one major problem with this online shopping revolution: you can't try any of these shirts on before you purchase them.


If you're interested in wearing the best men's dress shirts in the world on a regular basis, just take a trip to the country who is know for making the best dress shirts in the world and stock up on these incredible shirts before they are shipped across the pond. Pick up a few Lorenzini shirts and a few Luigi Borelli shirts for a smidgen of the price and most likely of a style and design which has yet to make it to the States. This way, when you return from your dress shirt hunting expedition, you will not only be tanned, relaxed, and finely dressed, you will also be well ahead of the next formal style curve.

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