Where to Buy Fun Pajamas for Kids

By F. F. John , last updated June 28, 2011
Buying fun pajamas for kids is easy because you can find them at most large stores and even online. All you need to do is look for items that are brightly colored and have child-friendly images on them. Fun pajamas for kids should have animals, letters from the alphabet, cartoon characters and scenes such as the jungle, the ocean or stars in the sky. Even the pickiest children will be happy with pajamas from the following places.
Family Clothing Stores
Stores that carry clothing for the entire family are sure to sell pajamas for kids. Old Navy, for example, sells several different types of pajama sets for children from newborns to teenagers. These pajama sets include long sleeve with long pant sets and short sleeve with shorts sets. Old Navy is also known for its discounts on quality items, and this allows you to find fun pajamas at an affordable price. Similarly, you can buy colorful pajamas for the children in your life at the GAP. The store even sells onesie pajamas with and without feet for infants and toddlers.
Children’s Clothing Stores
There are several stores that only sell children-specific clothing items. These stores include Carter’s, The Children’s Place, Justice, and Gymboree. Each establishment sells pajamas for boys and girls of all ages. You can also purchase items from their online shops. A quick online search will produce possible coupons and free shipping codes that will make your purchases cheaper.
Department Stores
Department stores are large shops that sell almost everything from shoes to beddings. You can easily find fun kids pajamas in the children’s section of these retail establishments. Kohl’s, Macys, JC Penney, and Sears all sell pajama sets at a variety of price points and in several styles. If you do not find the pajamas you seek in the store of your choice, you can also visit its online e-shop to place an order.
Large Discount Stores
Nation-wide discount stores like Kmart, Target and Walmart have several varieties of pajama sets for children. These items are affordably priced and many feature cartoon and other pop-culture characters on them. Thus, you can find pajamas printed with a picture of the Hello Kitty image, Hannah Montana, Tiana from Disney’s ‘Princess Bride’ or the main characters from the Toy Story animated movies. When buying from such discount stores, keep an eye open for additional sales during the Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter periods.
Wholesale Stores
With the struggling economy and job security being an issue, wholesale stores have become popular for those interested in stretching their dollars. These stores allow customers to buy certain items in bulk for less than other stores sell them. The largest wholesale outlets are BJ’s Wholesale Store, Costco and Sam’s Club. If you are a member of one or more of these stores, you can easily find children’s pajamas in the clothing section.
Online Shops
Fun pajamas for kids are easily found on the Internet at one of any reputable online sellers. You can shop for pajamas at Smartbargains.com, Amazon.com or Overstock.com. Another option is to purchase from individual sellers at Bonanza.com or Etsy.com, where you can buy from people who make and sell homemade items. When seeking personalized pajamas, visit PajamaGram.com or RedEnvelope.com, which even sells matching pajamas for mothers and their young daughters.
Other Places
You can also find fun pajamas at flea markets, yard sales, antique stores and even consignment shops. When buying at these places, be sure to only buy clothing that is in good condition, with no holes or rips. If buying a previously owned item for a small child, keep in mind that it should not have any easily removable attachments that can be swallowed or can be dangerous. These pieces, such as buttons or strings, would constitute a choking hazard. Also, consider buying from a resale charity organization like the Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries International. Both groups support people in need, so buying from them allows you an opportunity to buy pajamas for cheap while supporting a good cause.
Additional Tips
Keep in mind that there is little need to spend too much money on kids pajamas as they will outgrow them quickly. It is therefore better to buy affordable pajamas in a large size so they can last for a while. Plus, make sure that you do not buy pajamas that have been recalled by the manufacturer or the government. Pajamas should also be close-fitting but not tight. Finally, you can always convert old everyday-clothing like t-shirts and shorts into pajamas for your kids.
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