Where to Buy an LED Watch

By Danny Wong , last updated July 26, 2011

LED watches have been making a comeback. While some watch enthusiasts might say that LED watches are for little kids and immature men, they're actually a hot item to have, especially with all the unique LED watch designs that have come out in recent years. If you want to upgrade your style and sport a cool LED watch, here are some places where you can buy a nice LED watch.

Think Geek

For geeks, there's Think Geek, where you can purchase some of the nerdier LED watches ever made, like their LED Binary watch, their Abyss LED Touchscreen watch, and their Infinity Invaderz LED Digital watch. It's a bit hard for your average individual to appreciate these strange timepieces, but amongst your geek friends, you'll be getting endless props for your cool style. Their LED watches are all under $100 too, so you don't have to spend a lot of money for you and your nerd friends to enjoy telling time.

LED Watch Stop

LED Watch Stop is another cool place where you can buy a snazzy LED watch. They offer lots of models from many different watch brands like Twelve 5-9, 01 The One, Axcent, Black Dice, and Dot Matrix. While these watches are a bit more expensive, in the $100 to $300 range, they're incredibly interesting and worthy of purchase if you want something that's much more than just your average watch. LED Watch Stop is an authorized distributor of the brands and watches it sells, so you know you're purchasing an authentic and working product at fair price. They have an incredibly wide selection of LED watches, so check out what they have to offer and see if any really catch your eye and are crying out to be on your wrist.

The LED Watch Store

The LED Watch store offers a more limited selection of LED watches, but does offer cool models to fit any individual's personal style. They offer some of their watches at a nice discount and provide free shipping worldwide, which is nice if you want to save some money on your purchase of an LED watch. The LED Watch store also has very detailed descriptions of each watch, its design, and what comes with your order, which helps you in deciding whether or not a certain model is right for you. Many of their LED models cost about $90 or $100.

Intelligent Watches

Intelligent Watches is another recommended retailer to shop with where you can buy an LED watch. They are an authorized dealer of Seahope, Time-It, and even TokyoFlash LED watches, which means purchases of LED watches from this store come with a manufacturer's warranty, authentic box, and authentic papers. Some of their cooler LED models include their TokyoFlash Fire LED watch, their TokyoFlash Hanko, their Storm Cosmo, and their Seahope Lines watch. On Intelligent Watches, you get crystal clear pictures of each of the watches, and even detailed images on how to read some of the more unique LED timepieces. Their LED watches vary in price, with most costing about $100 to $300.

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