Where to Buy a Purse Hook

By Selena Kohng , last updated August 16, 2011

Slung on chairs, dropped on the floor, and crammed into tight spots, totes and handbags take a beating throughout the day. A well-placed hook in the home or office combats purse abuse and keeps you organized. This small accessory is an entire market unto itself, ranging from the simple and sensible to the ornate and stylish. You'll find purse hooks in stores that specialize in home organization and women's fashion alike, and a creative eye will find the right hook in a product originally designed for other uses.

As Seen on TV
The FUMI (Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation) Classic Purse Hook is a hot new accessory that takes purse hooks on the go. Fashioned with a hinge, this portable hook looks like a bracelet (and is encouraged to be worn as such) when closed; but when open, it becomes a curved claw-like tool with one end firmly balanced on a flat surface (like a tabletop) and the other end a convenient place to hang your bag. Retailing for $24.95 and available in a range of colors and patterns, it is on sale on the official pursehook.net website for $19.95. It can also be purchased on Amazon for the same sale price and is offered in chic styles like Zebra and Egyptian Snake.
The Hollywood Purse Hook is featured frequently on TV. Made of stainless steel and fashioned with a non-slip grip, the hook holds up to 35 pounds. This product can be purchased on Amazon, where it gets glowing reviews, and on eBay.
Functional Purse Hooks
For an understated, no-frills approach, look to organizational stores. The Container Store sells an affordable yet reliable Handbag Hook for $7.99; made of stainless steel and a thin hook, it's designed to lie surreptitiously on a dinner table, and the hook is large enough to accommodate thick straps. The Handbag Hook also comes with its own carry bag. For home storage, cheap over door hangers get the job done, and at $1.99 apiece at The Container Store, you can afford to get multiples for every room in the home.
Fashionable Purse Hooks
If you're looking for a permanent fixture and something to express your personal style, stores specializing in shabby chic decor, like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, are the perfect match. Anthropologie specializes in eclectic, whimsical, and feminine household items; The Petiole Hook, for example, is an ornate hardware item that resembles a vintage doorknob with a floral-like design. The Small (2.5" in diameter) is $18 and the Large (6" diameter) is $32. Other best bets from Anthropologie are their animal motif hooks, like the Ibex Onlooker Hook, $20, or their popular monogrammed hooks for a personal touch, each letter $12-$16. Urban Outfitters offers a similar aesthetic at a lower price point; for multiple hooks, try the Bike Rack Hook, $12, featuring 4 hooks with 3 bicycles as adornment all in bright, trendy teal. Single hooks in floral or animal designs range between $6 and $18.
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