Where to Buy Vintage Bracelets

By Elizabeth Dean , last updated December 22, 2011

Vintage bracelets are a must to complete a wardrobe, so you may be interested in learning where to buy them. To hold a piece of history as a fashion item not only gives the wearer a certain "oldies" charm about her, but, in a way, vintage items also give your outfits purpose aside from the obvious of simply looking attractive. If, for instance, the bracelet you find after reading this guide is an extraordinary 1920 gold link bracelet, you wear it knowing that its original owner most likely faced tremendous tragedies and momentous moments. Your purpose is to continue its rich history. But, how can you tell if something is vintage compared with something that was made yesterday with a vintage tag stamp on it? And, once you can tell, where do you find vintage bracelets? Here's your guide on where to find the most beautiful, and unique vintage bracelets.

Do your Homework

Becoming an expert vintage shopper doesn't happen overnight. First, you must know the difference between vintage jewelry and antique jewelry. Technically, antique items are over 100 years old whereas vintage items range from 100-20 years old. You'll want to do some preliminary shopping to find a particular era of bracelets your fond of. This will give you an advantage if you're naming your own price or trying to bring the seller's price down. Familiarize yourself with classic designer brands such as Florenza, Ross-Simmons, Trifari, Joyas, and more. Again, this is to give you the background to catch a vintage reproduction presented as a true vintage item. Once you've got the science down to a "t," you can move onto sellers.

Vintage Dealers

Reliable vintage dealers such as Marlene Harris Collection will provide you with high quality and designer brand items as well as a brief history of previous owners and an approximation of the creation date. With vintage bracelets, there is some room to talk a price down, however, know that serious dealers like Marlene have priced these items based on their accoutrement and wear. If the vintage dealer is only accessible to you online, don't be shy of calling the dealer directly and describing your ideal vintage bracelet. If the dealer doesn't have that particular bracelet on hand, he or she will certainly know where you can find it or recommend similar styles in his or her shop.


Certainly a great resource for finding basically any vintage item that could be for sale, Ebay is a place to look tentatively for vintage bracelets. Beware of vintage reproductions and scammers. Also, when searching for a bracelet on Ebay, be very specific in your search terms. A search starting with "Vintage Bracelet" will certainly give you plenty of scammers to worry about. Search instead for "Art Deco Bracelet" describing a period from 1920-1940, or "Art Nouveau" for turn of the century French bracelets. By doing this, you'll be able to see that sellers who know their products are typically more reliable and, if there is time left in the bid, can provide information. If you're shopping elsewhere, keep these key principles in mind, know the products, know the era, and know your seller.

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