Where to Find Baby Tuxedo Suits

By Heather Carreiro , last updated January 26, 2012

Before starting your search for a baby tuxedo suit, think about whether you want a one-piece, a two-piece or the full five-piece tuxedo set including jacket, pants, vest, shirt and bow tie. The younger the baby will be, the less comfortable he will be wearing several different pieces of clothing. Baby tuxedo suits typically come in sizes for 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months. Remember that you'll want the baby to be both cute and comfortable in his tuxedo. Here are places you can buy them.


Several online stores offer a full range of baby tuxes. Try TinyTux.com, ClassicBabyTux.com or TuxyBear.com. You can also browse selections on Amazon.com and eBay. Since babies grow, and go through new sizes in clothes, rapidly, you may want to wait until about a month before the wedding to make the purchase. Ask the infant's parents' what size clothes he is wearing, as many babies don't always wear the size that corresponds with their age in months.

Specialty Shops

Look for baby tuxes at shops that sell fancy baby wear and christening clothes. This option may be pricier than ordering online, but you can have the baby try the tux on in the store or even have something custom made.

Tuxedo Shops

Many tuxedo rental stores offer tiny tuxes for ring bearers as part of a bridal party package. Considering your little one will outgrow his tuxedo in a number of weeks or months, it might make more sense to rent one than to buy one. Sometimes you can even get the ring bearer's rental or the groom's rental free for a package deal.

Costume Shops

Costume shops often have formal wear for rent or sale, including stuff for babies. Since the selection may not be too big, call ahead to inquire about availability and sizes. If renting, ask about policies for damage in case baby ends up spitting up all over or leaking through his diaper in the suit.

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