Where to Find Life Insurance Rates

By Shannon C , last updated October 9, 2011

Locating the best places for where to find life insurance rates is an easier task than it may first appear once you know where to look. Life insurance is a type of insurance policy that typically becomes more of an urgent issue once you have dependents who are counting on you financially for their needs. There are different types of life insurance policies to suit different needs and budgets, from a simple term life insurance policy with a fixed death benefit and expiration date, to a comprehensive pure life insurance policy that grows with you and accrues investment and cash value and can be passed along to beneficiaries at the time of death.

Learn about where to find life insurance rates for the types of policies that will best suit your needs:

Online Quotes

Services like EQuote, AccuQuoteLife, and SelectQuote all offer an easy way to generate quotes for different types of standard and specialized life insurance policies, including end of life insurance and no medical exam insurance. In addition to generating quotes, you can also apply for some types of insurance policies directly online, and you can access valuable educational resources to help you find the best policy for your budget and needs.

Existing Insurers

If you already have other insurance policy products from existing insurers, then start with them to ask if they also carry life insurance. If so, you may be eligible for valuable budget-friendly discounts if you carry multiple insurance products with a single insurer. You can also take advantage of the fact that the insurer has already approved you for coverage in other areas, which may translate into an easier or expedited application process. Best of all, you already know and trust your existing insurers, so you are not starting from scratch trying to learn a new company's policies.

Your Employer

Don't rule out your employer as a possible candidate for an excellent life insurance policy. If you already have other benefits, you may in the past have declined to carry life insurance through your employer, so ask the human resources department for information on the availability of employer-sponsored life insurance and see if what they offer meets your family's needs. Even if you decide to purchase a supplemental policy elsewhere, it can be valuable to also take advantage of an employer-sponsored life insurance plan.

Contact Insurers Directly

You can learn quite a bit these days just by visiting a potential insurer's website. You can find out what types of life insurance is offered, what the application process is like, and even generate baseline quotes from which to make comparisons with other insurers. Be sure to ask if the insurer is authorized to provide life insurance products to residents in your state as well. Contacting insurers directly is a great way to "interview" a prospective insurance firm to see what their customer service and sales process is like, find out what the claims process will entail, and decide which insurer is the best fit for your needs.

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