Where to Find a List of Scholarships for College Students

By Sheridan Tano , last updated October 20, 2011

College is expensive and knowing where to find a list of scholarships for college students will give you a head start on finding money for college. There are many different scholarships available for college students, but you won’t qualify for all of them. Your search will be more successful if you have help, such as a parent, a guidance counselor if you’re still in high school, or an academic advisor if you’ve already started college. Here are a few suggestions for where to start looking:

High School Guidance Office

Even if you’ve already moved on to college, the guidance office of your high school is a great place to get information about scholarships. The guidance counselors will likely have lists of local scholarships offered by local businesses, alumni of your high school, local religious communities and other people and organizations. It’s always good to check out local scholarships because you’ll likely face less competition than you would for larger, national scholarships.

College Admissions Office and Financial Aid Office

If you’re already in college, or know what college you’ll be attending, ask the admissions office and the financial aid office for lists of scholarships. You might also be able to find scholarship lists on the office’s web sites. Here you can find scholarships specific to the college -- for example, scholarships offered by an alumni foundation -- as well as more general scholarships for students in your area of study.

Public Library

Your public library should carry up-to-date books of scholarship lists, such as the College Board Scholarship Handbook. These scholarship guides are huge and comprehensive, but include an index to help you narrow down the list to scholarships you might qualify for. You might also be able to get more information, as well as scholarship lists more focused on a particular subject or area, from the reference librarian.

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