Where to Find Scholarships in Wisconsin

By Renee Gerber , last updated October 12, 2011

Every state in the country has its own charitable organizations that know this and exist specifically to benefit individuals who come from financially needy families that could not otherwise afford to send them to an institution of higher learning. Wisconsin is no exception and has plenty of different options for students. This will enable these young people to attend a college or university of their choice by covering their tuition, living expenses or books, getting them one step closer toward achieving their career dreams.

One of the first places you can look when searching for scholarships in Wisconsin is on the Internet. A simple online search can generate any number of results as to ideas of where to turn. However, you might also find plenty of information at your high school before you graduate. As you are considering where to go to college as a senior, you can do your homework -- figuratively and literally -- and speak with officers at your school to find sources of scholarships that might be available to you. There are also many publications, both print and CD version, that offer information about foundations and funds that give scholarships all around the country, including in Wisconsin.
As for specific scholarships in Wisconsin, some of the best are certainly those that should be explored, and you can earn an award that will help you for either a single semester or through each of your four years in the college or university of your choosing. In order to be eligible, you must meet certain criteria, which depend on the specific source you are exploring. Some funds require a student to major in a particular area of study, while others are less rigid in that respect but require you to maintain a good grade point average and have a definite financial need for the scholarship.
The WPS Foundation Paul D. Ziemer Scholarship was formed to honor a former public service C.E.O. in Wisconsin. The scholarship itself is awarded to a student who is attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a major in engineering or business. Individuals who are planning on attending the university and majoring in one of the fields are also considered eligible for the award. They should be residents of Wisconsin and must show that they have a specific need for financial assistance in order to attend the university.
The Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship awards $2,200 to students who attend any college or university on a full time basis. American Indians are widely preferred for the award due to their large population in the state of Wisconsin, as these individuals tend to be from economically disadvantaged families.
The Sy and Bernice Ward Scholarship awards $500 to $2,000 to students who are from Brown County, Wisconsin. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must demonstrate community service and should have an interest in pursuing an education in technology, business, medicine, law, medicine, nursing, engineering and accounting. Students must also demonstrate a definitive financial need for the award.
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