Where to Find a Software Development Internship

By Barry Solomon , last updated December 23, 2011

If you are working on an MBA or an advanced engineering degree in the computer software field, then you will want to learn where to find a software development internship. There are a number of good sources available and you should begin by visiting your college or university placement office to learn what they have available and to meet with a counselor who can guide you as to how to apply for these coveted positions. Look online at internship placement services and at the websites of corporations in which you are interested.

IBM Extreme Blue Internship Program

The grand daddy of all such companies that take interns is IBM. Their Extreme Blue internship program is the most sought after experience by the cream of the crop of students pursuing software development degrees. If you are selected for this program you will be assigned to an Extreme Blue development laboratory. There are fifteen of them throughout the world. You will become part of a team charged with developing both the technology and business plans for a new product or service that IBM is working on to address a particular market challenge. This is a real project that IMB is developing. This program has an outstanding track record in that interns have submitted over 400 patent disclosures and have made over 60 open source contributions to the open source community. Current areas for these programs include Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, and petabyte-scale data analysis. This is a 12 week summer program.

Fog Creek Software Internship Program

If you are looking for an experience in a smaller, more hip company, then consider Fog Creek Software of New York City. They opened their doors in September, 2000, with the philosophy that if they built a company that was a great place to work, that they would attract the best talent in the marketplace. Fog Creek Summer Interns allows college students to have a hands on experience developing software for a real project on work that will be shipped out to a client. There is mentoring from the entire Fog Creek team. Because of the small size of the company, you will be exposed to every aspect of the business of software development. And not only will you have all of the cultural advantages of being in New York City, but you will be paid a salary of $5,000 a month.

Bloomberg Business Week Internship Listings

If you search online, you can find more company opportunities like the ones listed here. You can also go to one of the internship listing sites like Bloomberg Businessweek web site. Here you can search in the cities or states where you would prefer to work. Currently there are over 1000 software developer summer internship jobs listed on the site. Read the listings carefully to make sure that you meet the qualifications and then proceed to apply for the positions that interest you. Each listing indicates how many days ago it was posted, so that you can select the most recent ones that are more likely to be open.

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