Where to Find Stock Market Updates

By Lora Keleher , last updated September 4, 2011

If you’re looking for where to find stock market updates, you can check your local newspaper, financial publications, or online. Each of these sources provides stock market updates, although there are benefits and limitations associated. Additionally, certain sources provide updated commentary and analysis, reflecting recent price movements, as well as quotes.


The majority of newspapers include a business section that provides stock market quotes, charts, and graphs from the major stock markets. Most newspapers also provide commentary and analysis regarding overall stock market trends, or information surrounding major financial changes at large corporations. Information published in newspapers is verified for accuracy, and usually written by an experienced financial journalist, so you know that you are receiving quality information. However, newspapers don’t always provide data for every company publically traded, and they can’t publish up-to-the minute data. If you are looking at stock prices for small or niche companies, or very recent information, you probably need to check another resource.

Financial Trade Papers

Trade papers and publications that deal specifically with financial data, such as “The Wall Street Journal” or “Bloomberg BusinessWeek” provide updated quotes and commentary about major trends, industries, and sectors. You can usually find updated information about larger firms, overall market activity, and government regulations that affect the markets. These types of publications may also provide in-depth opinion about the directions of stocks, and some provide expert recommendations on whether to buy or sell specific stocks.

Brokerage Firms

Financial brokerage firms sometimes publish information about the overall stock market; however, the information they provide is usually limited to information about stock portfolios they offer, and articles about the overall economy as well as factors currently affecting general market trends. If you have a relationship with a specific broker, they may be able to provide additional updates, depending on the extent of your relationship, and the practices allowed by the firm that employs them.


By obtaining information stock market updates online, you can usually find extremely up to date information and quotes. There are plenty of reputable sites hat provide updated market information, quotes, and stock recommendations. You can also visit the websites of major markets, such as the NYSE or NASDAQ. However, with the number of sites popping up on the Internet, it’s important to verify the reputation and credentials of the analyst providing information, before you start following his or her advice. If the site you obtain information from is affiliated with a major trade publication, newspaper, or financial services firm, then the information is likely accurate. However, you should be wary of information that may be biased, such as a particular company, or a person affiliated with a company, providing updates and reasons you should invest in their stock.


Different sources update financial data at different times throughout the day. If your transactions heavily rely on time sensitive data, then it’s important to choose a site that provides live real time data, and to purchase high-speed Internet service. You may also need to purchase or download additional software that guarantees up-to-date quotes and information. Some brokers provide this software to clients; other versions can be purchased online.

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