Where to Go with a Marketing Degree

By Erik Neilson , last updated July 11, 2011

Getting a degree in marketing can be a great way to jump-start your career, if you know where to go with it. Taking marketing courses will teach you a great deal about the business world, and will help you to learn to think like a true marketing professional. Once you receive your credentials, there are a variety of different types of careers that you can pursue. The fact is, marketing is a skill that many people don’t possess, and tends to always be in rather high demand. Depending upon your interests, there are many different routes you can take after graduating from college with a degree in marketing.

In-House Marketing
If you’ve ever had the dream of working for a particular company but weren’t sure exactly how and where you would fit in, you may be able to forge a career as an in-house marketer. Companies large and small alike often have in-house marketing teams that work specifically for them, rather than employing the services of marketing firms. Depending upon what they are in need of, an in-house marketing team may have open positions ranging from copywriter to sales representative. Working for an in-house marketing team is a great way to gain experience in professional marketing, especially given the fact that you’ll only have to focus your attention on a single account. This type of position also tends to come with a strong set of benefits and a rather decent pay scale.
Professional Marketing Firms
Marketing firms are omnipresent in America today, and are employed by all different types of businesses. A full-service marketing firm offers a variety of services, including graphic and web design, media advertising, branding and more. For those who have just graduated from college with a degree in marketing, working at a marketing firm is an excellent way to transition into the working world. While it is often difficult to secure a high-level position at a marketing firm right out of college, you shouldn’t have a great deal of trouble finding an entry-level position. Even if all you’re doing at first is answering phones, you’ll benefit exponentially from being around copywriters, designers and account managers on a daily basis. Many firms are more than willing to promote from within, meaning those who do well in entry-level positions have the potential to climb the ladder within the framework of the company.
Some people thrive as a result of being able to determine their own income, in which case taking a position as a sales agent is a great way to utilize a marketing degree. Those who do well in sales can often make as much money as they want to, and sometimes they are allowed flexible schedules. The more time one spends in a sales position, the better his or her chances become of earning a very good living. Since there are sales positions in many different industries, you can tailor the industry that you work into something that interests you. For example, sports buffs may want to become sales reps for their favorite team. In sales, the possibilities are practically endless.
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