Where to Search for College Merit Scholarships

By Joseph King , last updated October 7, 2011

For students looking for merit scholarships to attend a college or university, the Internet is one of the best places to look. Multiple websites offer lists of merit scholarships that students can search through by a number of different criteria to find the ones that best fit them.

Sites like FastWeb offer students a chance to be matched up with merit scholarships that fit their needs. Students are asked to enter certain information which is then used by the website to decide what scholarships will work well for the student. Merit scholarships range from those based solely on GPA, to those that require essays of project proposals. The awards for the scholarships can vary greatly; some are worth a few hundred dollars, while others can be worth up to twenty thousand.

A school's website is also a good place to look for merit scholarships. Many schools offer awards of varying size in order to attract prospective students. The difficulty of qualifying for these scholarships can depend on the size and selectivity of the school. Some schools offer automatic scholarships for students with certain GPAs or SAT scores. Others require a more thorough process whereby students hoping to get a scholarship must submit a separate application and go through a lengthy interview process before winners are chosen. Also check with individual department you may be interested in studying in. Sometimes departments may offer scholarships separate to those offered by the admissions department.

For students with excellent test scores and grade, getting merit scholarships can be easy if you know where to look. Be sure to consider both scholarships from prospective schools and also those from third part organizations. By applying for scholarships from both groups you give yourself the greatest chance of getting the money necessary to pay for college and leave debt-free.

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