Who Makes John Deere Lawn Tractors?

By Tad Danielsen , last updated May 14, 2011

Nothing runs like a Deere, or so they say, but who makes those John Deere lawn tractors, anyway? In 1837, an inventor with a small blacksmith shop, used an old, broken saw blade to create a plow that would eventually help transform the face of modern agriculture. That man was John Deere and that one plow would be the beginning of what is now one of the most recognized names in residential and commercial agriculture, worldwide.

Speed the Plow

With the outbreak of civil war in 1861, large scale farming and machinery developed as Midwest farming expanded. Deere created the first riding cultivator and by 1863, and his single proprietorship would be incorporated under the name of Deere & Company.

In 1918, after several decades of steady growth, the modern Deere & Company emerged, consisting of manufacturing and sales entities throughout the U.S. and Canada. That same year, the tractor would become it's flagship product, after the purchase of Waterloo Boy tractors.

The Horicon, Wisconsin Works Factory began manufacturing the legendary John Deere 110 lawn tractor in 1963. By April 2010, John Deere had produced it's five millionth lawn tractor.


John Deere took it's first bold step as a multinational company in 1956, by building an assembly plant in Mexico. Soon after, John Deere bought a majority interest in a German tractor company and over the next decade, expanded into Spain, France, Argentina and South Africa.

Even though the last John Deere 110 lawn tractor rolled off the assembly line in 1974, it's importance in American agricultural history is represented by a model on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. The Horicon Works Factory continues production of lawn tractors and from it's base operations in Moline, Illinois, John Deere maintains a vast international network of dealers, suppliers and manufacturing plants extending into China and India.

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