Winter Olympics Party Ideas

By Ted Rollins , last updated February 4, 2011

Every four years, the Winter Olympics take place, and what better way to celebrate than to host a party. While not as widely viewed as the Summer Olympics, the nation comes to a standstill for three weeks while the best and brightest ski, skate and slalom to victory. Winter Olympics parties offer the chance to spin a unique theme into a cool party that will be remembered for (at least) the next four years. Three things to consider when planning your party are timing, food and dress, which are all key to hosting the most memorable event.


One of the most difficult elements of planning a Winter Olympics party can be timing. Depending on where the Olympics are being held, you may have to host your party at an odd time in order to watch the events live. For less picky guests, however, you can just watch the events on tape delay and throw the party whenever you want.


You’ll want to provide both cold-themed treats and items that will warm your guests up. For drinks, consider hot chocolate and apple cider, or alcohol-infused versions of the same for events with adult attendees. You can even purchase an ice luge for crazier drinking events. Contemplate tailoring your food offerings to the host country of the Olympics, or go for American pride by offering classic American fare.


Depending on the climate where you throw your party, your guests may already be wearing warm Winter Olympic attire. Offer a prize for the best dressed Olympian at your party – let guests decide if they want to dress like a famous Olympian or just go generic in a speed skating skintight suit or an ice dancer’s tutu.

Now that the preparations are under way, you can go for the gold!

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