How do you interview a nanny?


A nanny is responsible for the welfare of your child when you're not there. She is an extension of your household and someone you rely on. To find the right nanny for your child conduct a thorough interview and check out the candidate's background.

  1. Ask for her experience and qualifications

    Begin the interview by asking about her previous positions in childcare. You want someone with at least one long-term experience as a nanny. Follow up by reviewing any formal qualifications, training and childcare education she may have. Ask if your candidate is up to date on CPR and first-aid.

  2. Discuss logistics

    If you're satisfied with her work and education history, discuss the logistics of the position. Ensure that she doesn't have any immediate plans, such as marriage, childbirth or relocation, that would cause her to leave your family. Find out if she's willing to work nights, weekends and travel. Discuss whether she's willing to do any light housework while your child is sleeping. If your nanny isn't going to live with you, discuss travel to and from work.

  3. Observe her with your child

    Allow the candidate to spend some supervised time with your child. Watch the way she communicates. A good nanny should seem comfortable when holding or speaking to your child. Watch for a pleasant attitude.

  4. Call references

    Once the interview is over, follow up on the candidates references. Require at least two, but the more the better. When talking to previous employers, ask specific questions. Find out what they did and didn't like about the nanny.

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