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Apr 23, 2013 ... Bread poultice is useful for treating bruises, boils, and skin infections. ... Here are some other poultice recipes and articles you might enjoy:.
The homemade bread & milk poultice is one of our favourites. Because it is made from two kitchen ingredients that every house is almost never without - bread ...
Dec 14, 2007 ... A bread poultice is a nice easy way to get thorns or glass out of a child's foot. Much better than fighting a screaming child with a needle. I never ...
Bread poultice is beneficial in healing boils, skin infections and splinters. ... Poultice for Infection: How to Make Bread Poultice Recipe for Infection · Grandma's ...
Bread and Milk poultice - These work very well for infections and boils. ... Each issue will contain inspirations, remedies, a link or two and maybe even a recipe.
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Bread Poultice Recipe