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looking for commercial mixer magazine/bread recipe My family is opening a restaurant/bar in Three Rivers MI. When this place was open, one of the main attractions was their "homemade" bread and everyone is asking if we are going to have that same bread. The problem is the recipe was in a

You are here: Experts > Food/Drink > Home Cooking > Bread & Pastries > Baking in Commercial oven Topic: Bread & Pastries Expert: Robert Connolly Date: 2/28/2008 Subject: Baking in Commercial oven Question I'm baking in a Commerical oven 26x26x17" w/natural gas and no

Question Hi Marco, I have been successfully making custom cakes as a growing business at home. My cakes vary in size, design, flavors, etc. I have been using my double wall ovens in my kitchen with good success, but it is inconvenient to tie up the family kitchen. I am thinking about building a room
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Commercial Bread Recipes