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Cuban Bread Recipe | Recipezaar - This bread is wonderfully crusty on the outside and has a chewy interior and is so delicious.

This recipe is the bread recipe used by my college roommate when making the Sandwich Cubano Sandwich Cubano . A traditional loaf of Cuban bread is approximately three feet long and somewhat rectangular as compared to the rounder shape of Italian or French bread loaves. In the early days, the dough

5 c To 6 cups bread flour aprox. 2 pk Dry yeast 1 tb Salt 2 tb Sugar 2 1/2 c Hot water,120 to 130 degs. Corn meal Water Sprinkle the cornmeal on a non stick baking sheet. Place 4 cups of flour in large mixing bowl,add yeast,salt,and sugar.Stir until all are well blended.Pour in the hot water and

A recipe for Crusty Cuban Bread, with similar recipes, categories and cooking information.

------------------------------ELAINE TAIT--------------------------------- ----------------------------PHILLY.INQUIRER------------------------------- 5 c to 6 cups bread flour aprox. 2 pk dry yeast 1 tb salt 2 tb sugar 2 1/2 c hot water,120 to 130 degs. 1 corn meal 1 water
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Cuban Bread Recipe Cuban Recipes