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After 2000 years, FRESH SHOWBREAD is being baked in Israel Today. "And you shall ... It was similar to the wheat used for making pasta in Italy." (left) Priests ...
This showbread (translated "shewbread" in the KJV) was, literally, "bread of the ... 23, "You shall make a table of acacia wood, two cubits long and one cubit wide ...

The table of showbread in the tabernacle pointed forward to the future ... "Make a table of acacia wood—two cubits long, a cubit wide and a cubit and a half high.
THE TABLE OF SHEWBREAD xodus 25:23-25, "Thou shalt also make a table of shittim wood: two cubits shall be the length thereof, and a cubit the breadth ...
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How Do You Make Shewbread